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Shirley  began her career in real-estate and earned Five Star Agent two-year winner in Texas Monthly Magazine, Rank 15* in Keller Williams Realty Clear lake 2011, TOP 20 in Keller Williams TX South Region 201 1, Triple Gold Award Winner and ALC Member for Keller Williams Realty. Her move from China to the US helped her position as the companies Executive Liaison between China and US operations become a natural fit. She also oversees all company real-estate acquisitions and has been very successful because of her extensive and successful real-estate background. In her free time, she enjoys contributing to local charities in China and has built a strong relationship between herself and the Chinese government.

Kathy Yang
Bom in Taiwan, Taipei, she grew up as an independent and career-driven individual.
During college, she studied Business Administration and yearned to start a business. Before she came to the United States, she worked in Taipei for a San Francisco
based fashion company, Esprit De Corp, for 8 years. There, she started from the human resources division to the retail division. She has managed multiple family owned restaurants including European, Japanese and Chinese cuisine.
Then in the mid 1990s, she became a United States citizen. She founded Paramount Communications after she worked as a sales representative for another major telecommunications firm for a couple of years. 
She is a hard working single mother and a career-oriented person who has gained
various skills throughout her career life.

Shirley Qing, Realestate Aquisitions and Internation Relations HALA

Polo Sun, President HALA

Yava is the consummate professional and is extremely detail oriented. She is known for delivering maximum service with minimum delay. She graduated from Norfolk State University with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, is a certified life coach, and has her real-estate license. She has extensive experience in leadership, negotiation, business management and strategic planning. The
company is confident with Yava as both their Director of Operations and
unofficial team builder.

William Chang, Office Administrator HALA

Over the past 29 years, David has represented clients in obtaining investment based visas,
employment based visas, and family based visas. He has practiced law with Jones, Waldo, Holbrook and McDonough in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jones Waldo is one of the largest firms in Utah and was established over 140 years ago. He was taught law at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
David worked for the State of California in Adult Programs, developing policy for Adults in need of
assistance and care, and earned awards and recognition for outstanding service and accomplishments.

William Chang is native Taiwanese moved with his family to Costa Rica in 1977 and became as US resident since 2016. Loves to travel around the world and can speak fluently
Chinese, Spanish and English. He is graduated as physician and worked as general medicine doctor in Costa Rica for 15 years. Here in the U.S. he did two years internship with Paramount Communication phone card company as sales executive and company management. William compliments HALA by bringing his administration management experience and computer skills such as Quick Book and Word. In addition to his valuable medicine knowledge.

Yava Swearington, Director of Operations HALA

Broc Havener has experience in social media marketing, photography, management, and a number of other useful tools and skills relevant to the start of HALA. He is extremely ambitious and passionate about everything he does. Polo has chosen Broc as his personal assistant because of his willingness to learn and adapt to any changes necessary. He is a valuable asset to HALA and he looks forward to helping the company grow.

Meet The Team...

Broc Havener, Executive Assistant, IT, Web Developer

David Purnell, CEO HALA

Polo supervises the business operations in the U.S. and coordinates the efforts of all aspects of the business. He is an effective and creative business leader and has the vision and drive to bring all of the aspects of the business together to ensure success for customers in both immigration and business. He knows how to work with people, providing leadership and support for others to maximize their talents and skills. Polo is a good judge of people and has assembled a team of professionals to handle every facet of the business. Polo has a rich background with experience as an entrepreneur with success in several business ventures.

Kathy Yang, CFO HALA

Gabrielle (Ying) Li, was born in China and came to United States for her advanced education. She has graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with Master of Psychology and Statistics. With her great passion in Human behavior and statistics , she has worked as Marketing Analysis for Disney Research Lab in Austin, Texas and have worked for multiple projects for analyzing the effectiveness of advertisement with ESPN, ABC. She relocated to Houston in 2014, she starts working in Finance industry as loan originator. She found her interest in Immigration Investment and has joined Kep ever since.

Gabrielle Li, Immigration Consultant HALA